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PolicyMogul is the UK’s only all-in-one platform for public affairs

With PolicyMogul, public affairs experts can seamlessly track, engage, and dissect UK political events. Stay up-to-date with policy announcements and changes, gain deep knowledge about pivotal policymakers, and build relationships with key stakeholders.

  • The most extensive political coverage in the UK, sharing priority access to news with national newspapers.
  • Exclusive tools like stakeholder mapping, analytics and AI-powered features to save you time.
  • Robust CRM designed specifically for parliament, with support for sending and tracking emails to policymakers

Monitor, influence and analyse the political landscape

Discover the UK’s only all-in-one political monitoring, influence and analysis platform for free

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Powerful CRM and stakeholder mapping, with the ability to email policymakers and track interactions.

Jack Cousens, Head of roads policy at The AA

I’ve seen and used most of the policy tracking tools on the market. I would describe PolicyMogul as the neatest and most user-friendly. I’m really impressed.

Rory Grenham, Account Director at Blakeney Group

Engage with a vast number of MPs, lords, and their advisors

PolicyMogul simplifies the process for public affairs experts to monitor, influence and analyse the policymaking process. The platform allows you to identify what stakeholders are talking about, and reveals which policymakers are relevant and influential for each of your policy concerns.

Hundreds of policymakers also use PolicyMogul, looking for advocacy and briefing content provided by you. Put AI to use to generate fresh content or upload material you’ve already made, and PolicyMogul will automatically distribute it to relevant policymakers and staff.

Fair and transparent pricing

We partner with some of the world’s leading organisations, but our platform and pricing cater to smaller companies and charities too. We stand out as the sole provider not to hide pricing plans, with subscriptions starting at just £79 per month for an annual commitment. Flexible month-to-month subscriptions without any binding terms are also available.

Other top DeHavilland alternatives

Polimonitor alternative Typical starting price* Key features
PolicyMogul £948 / year
  • Political monitoring with tailored alerts
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Lobbying platform with 600+ policymakers
  • Full CRM with email tracking
  • Political analysis, research and reporting tools
  • Embed live updates and analysis on your website
  • Fast time to value and no set-up cost
  • Research team for personalised research
Dods Monitoring £8,000 / year
  • Political monitoring with tailored alerts
  • Daily updates including breaking news
  • ‘People’ CRM (add-on)
  • Monitoring of France and Germany
Randall’s Monitoring Unknown
  • Political monitoring with tailored alerts
  • Research team for personalised research
  • Human collation of updates before sending
DeHavilland £8,000 / year
  • Political monitoring with tailored alerts
  • Database of politicians
  • EU coverage

*Prices listed are estimates based on industry research and available data. We recommend contacting the respective companies directly for accurate pricing.

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