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Comprehensive, real-time political monitoring

99% of government and political developments are irrelevant to your organisation. PolicyMogul ensures you don't miss the 1% you need to know

Comprehensive, real-time political monitoring screen
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Have your voice heard

Make policy asks, news releases and other briefing material available to relevant parliamentarians. MPs, peers and their staff use PolicyMogul to help inform their work

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The UK’s most advanced political stakeholder mapping

Identify the ever-changing MPs, peers and special advisors relevant to your interests. Replace hours of research with the click of a button

Stakeholder mapping screen
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Data that's off the charts

Access powerful analytics to understand past trends and take action on what's happening in the moment

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Display your own website feed

Display a feed of real-time political updates relevant to your organisation’s work, directly on your website. Your website visitors will be more likely to engage and support your work

Generate code for your tailored website feed

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