We don’t hire with job specs

Building a great team and a successful business isn’t a series of tick boxes. So rather than starting with a job spec, we find great people and create roles for them which match their unique talents and abilities.

Creating the right role for you

At PolicyMogul, we have a different approach to hiring. We rarely write job specs. It’s not that we’re lazy; it’s just that we prefer to define role requirements along with candidates. We identify business areas where we need to improve and grow, and construct roles for the people we want to work with based on their interests and strengths.

Why we take this approach

We are a small team with big ambitions. Our mission is to fundamentally improve policy and legislation – in the UK and later around the world. We’re doing this by making political intelligence and access to policymakers available to anyone, and by helping parliamentarians keep on top of the information they need to do their work. Every day, we overcome problems which stand in our way of achieving these goals.

So we hire people who enjoy solving problems, who thrive as part of a team with a clear purpose and who recognise that you can’t change the world by sticking to a job spec. Of course each person in our team has clear objectives and goals, but they are defined not just by our business objectives, but also by your expertise and interests.

What’s important to us

We provide the tools to help make policy and legislation better for more people in society. Policy that represents a diverse set of backgrounds and opinions is fairer and more inclusive. For this reason, we value diversity in our team.

PolicyMogul is growing quickly amongst public affairs professionals, campaigners, lobbying agencies, strategists and policymakers. But as a new player in a big industry, we have a long way to go. The biggest driver of improvement to date (whether it’s in our product, marketing approach or how we sell) has been the speed at which we experiment and iterate. For this reason, we value creativity, urgency and intensity.

All employees at PolicyMogul work remotely from different places around the UK and the rest of the world. This means we’re dog-friendly. It also means we trust our employees to structure their work and their time. Our roles are positions of ‘ownership’. They are not suitable for most people, but those adept at managing their time well will thrive in this environment. For this reason, we value people who are extremely efficient with their time.

Everything we do is a reflection on our entire team. Honest and concise communication – both internally with colleagues and externally with parliamentarians, clients and partners – is a quality shared by everyone at PolicyMogul. For this reason, we value good communication.

Current vacancies

We are currently looking to hire people who can help us continue our fast growth in the UK, specifically within sales and marketing. Someone with direct sales experience in a B2B software-as-a-service company at a similar price point to ours may be well suited to an Account Executive role. We are also hoping to find someone to help with our overall growth strategy; this will be a hands-on role involving creativity and a lot of experimentation.

Interested in a role with PolicyMogul?

You may have noticed we don’t usually list specific roles or publish job specs, and we don’t have a ‘Submit your CV’ button on this page. If you read the information above, you’ll know why. If you still think there’s a good fit, we’d love to hear from you. We try to offer competitive salaries, and we are happy to consider stock options for the right candidate. Most importantly, you’ll be part of a small team of people trying to change the world.