Nicola Reindorp

Date posted: 07/03/2019

During her leadership within Crisis Action as Deputy Executive Director (and previously as trustee), Nicola has helped to mastermind and drive global coalition campaigns that have possibly saved millions of lives: including successfully getting cross-border humanitarian aid into Syria, preventing a catastrophic attack that could have tipped Yemen into famine, and galvanising UN action to kick-start peace processes in conflict- ridden countries including South Sudan and CAR.

Nicola has been at the heart of growing Crisis Action into a truly innovative organisation that acts as a catalyst to bring together diverse voices to demand that governments fulfil their responsibility to protect civilians.

She has developed an extensive global network of politicians, journalists, NGO-, business- and faith-leaders – from Banksy to former Prime Ministers and Secretary Generals of the UN – who she’s corralled into adding their voices to draw the world’s attention to crises in Syria, Yemen, South Sudan, Burundi, DRC and more.

In her spare time, in her roles as a board member of 38 Degrees and Council member on the ECFR, Nicola puts her wisdom to yet more good use to give strategic steer to their campaigning and influencing work. She is also an extraordinary mentor to junior colleagues in her organisation and sector, particularly young women.

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