We’ve launched our free political monitoring service

Date posted: 23/09/2020

For too long, political and parliamentary information has been inconveniently spread across a vast array of sources, and has been inaccessible to the vast majority of organisations who have not got deep pockets.

To do their jobs effectively, public affairs professionals and others need smart tools to search for relevant content and receive useful alerts. This type of intelligence gathering is typically hidden away behind paywalls; in some cases, very high paywalls.

Thankfully, today, we are consigning that era to the past.

A jolt of innovation 

Today we are excited to announce the launch of PolicyMogul’s free parliamentary and political monitoring service for organisations and parliamentarians to stay up to date with developments from official sources. In the near future, we will expand our scope to include a growing range of other sources too.

For the first time, tailored content from the policy-forming arena is now accessible to any person responsible for knowing what’s going on. PolicyMogul makes this available to any company, charity, umbrella group or organisation, regardless of size and budget.

Public affairs professionals often complain about receiving too many emails. But they are equally concerned about missing vital intelligence. PolicyMogul overcomes both issues with a smart email alert algorithm, and by allowing complex searches on the platform. This lets users focus only on what is important to them.

Traditional monitoring services produce a torrent of information, within which you have to find the jewels. We focus on the jewels.

How much does it cost?

PolicyMogul’s Basic plan is free, and will be more than enough to serve the requirements of people working in countless organisations who previously thought such a service was beyond their budgets.

The Pro plan – currently priced at only £95 per month – is available for those with more complex needs or wider interests. Search and alert tools are unlimited in scope, helping users with a wide range of interests avoid missing anything taking place in parliament, government and the wider policy landscape.

In future, the Pro plan will become even more powerful with the addition of analytics, social media intelligence and more. But even from today, Pro plan users will make a massive saving for a service that covers all of their monitoring needs.

PolicyMogul Pro is available to parliamentarians, their staff and civil servants completely free of charge.

Make sense of the policy landscape.

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