Transform your reporting: Create polished PDF reports in minutes with PolicyMogul

Date posted: 06/03/2024

With PolicyMogul reports, you can quickly and easily create useful and professional reports in a fraction of the time it typically takes.

Public affairs professionals and consultants know how time-consuming it is to distill complex political updates into clear, actionable reports. This steals valuable time from analysis, strategy and relationship-building.

With PolicyMogul, there’s a better way.

PolicyMogul makes creating and sharing useful insights simple. Effortlessly generate professional PDF reports that include key political updates, charts, analysis, and your own commentary – all without leaving the platform.

Reports explained

Reports consist of widgets, each showing a different aspect of political data in relation to any issue of interest. You simply choose which widgets to include, or select one of our templates. You can customise reports by adding your own commentary, design and logo, and export it to a downloadable PDF.

Each widget can be tailored to align with your work or advocacy efforts, ensuring that what you share resonates with your team and stakeholders. This allows you to quickly and easily find the insights that matter, and then share them in a polished, professional way.

Elliot Robinson, Founder of PolicyMogul, says:

“PolicyMogul is about empowering public affairs professionals with the best tools. This feature frees up time otherwise spent researching and compiling information, and allows our users to focus on the work that makes a real difference for the causes they champion. We want to help teams public affairs professionals impress colleagues and clients, inform stakeholders and influence the political landscape.”

Who are reports for?

This feature is designed to cater to a wide range of use cases. Examples include public affairs professionals, who can tailor reports for colleagues to showcase their impact, and consultants who can impress clients and prospects with personalised political insights. Policymakers and parliamentary staff also have access to this feature, enabling them to create reports to share internally or with constituents.

In a nutshell, this feature is designed for anyone with an interest in compiling concise information about political developments in relation to any issue, in order to save time on reporting, increase impact and demonstrate expertise. 

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