Introducing Data Hub: Political data on any issue in seconds

Date posted: 09/05/2024

Today we’re unveiling a free political data platform for anyone with an interest in politics.

PolicyMogul’s Data Hub provides instant data from the UK political landscape, on any issue. The service is powered by our political monitoring service – the most comprehensive and real-time source of official political updates in the country.

How does it work?

Data Hub allows you to find answers about parliamentary activity, policymaker sentiment and interested stakeholders within seconds. Just type any keyword or issue, hit Enter, and you’ll immediately see political data in relation to:

  • Parliamentary mentions
  • Most vocal policymakers
  • Sentiment snapshot
  • Sentiment changes
  • Interest by region

What is ‘Political sentiment analysis’?

Sentiment analysis is a technique used by PolicyMogul to determine the sentiment or emotional tone conveyed in a piece of text. By applying Natural Language Processing algorithms and machine learning models, we can automatically identify and categorise language used as positive, negative, or neutral.

Through these techniques, we are able to gauge whether policymakers are expressing positive or negative sentiment on any issue.

Why is it free?

PolicyMogul’s mission is to empower public affairs professionals, policymakers, and anyone with a vested interest in the political landscape with the most accurate and up-to-date information available. We are uniquely positioned to offer this, thanks to our comprehensive political monitoring service, which collects real-time political data across the UK.

By making access to Data Hub free, we aim to support transparent and informed political discourse, facilitating better decision-making and ultimately strengthening the democratic process.

Data Hub gives you an X-ray view of what’s going on in the political world. Try it yourself here.

Make sense of the policy landscape.

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