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Date posted: 18/12/2023

PolicyMogul’s pioneering AI slashes time public affairs pros spend on updates by 80%

Key takeaways:

  • Tailored summaries can cut the time public affairs professionals spend on political updates by 80%, providing customised, relevant insights swiftly and efficiently
  • The tool rapidly analyses political updates to deliver personalised summaries aligned with an organisation’s specific interests
  • By automating the summarisation process, this feature frees up time for public affairs teams to focus on other critical aspects of their roles, such as relationship building and policy influencing

Keeping up with the fast-paced world of politics and public affairs is challenging. Every day there are speeches, debates, announcements, and more that teams need to monitor, summarise and assess. Keeping informed and up to date can be hugely time-consuming for public affairs professionals, taking their attention away from building relationships and influencing policy.

The challenge facing public affairs teams isn’t just in monitoring these updates. It’s in distilling them into relevant, useful insights for their organisation. That’s why we at PolicyMogul are excited to announce our newest feature: Tailored summaries.

Tailored summaries explained

Earlier this year we brought the power of AI to our users, giving public affairs professionals a way to automate tasks and create lobbying material earlier this year.

Building on that work, our latest groundbreaking development saves time by automatically using AI to create bespoke summaries of political updates, tailored to any specific organisation and goals.

  • Rapid analysis: Tailored summaries can process extensive and intricate updates in seconds, extracting the most relevant information for you and your organisation
  • Built on public affairs expertise: Developed by our in-house experts in politics and technology, we’ve combined AI with human intelligence and fine-tuned it for public affairs
  • Impactful results: Our tests show that tailored summaries can slash the time spent on reviewing updates by 80%, and means teams can share information significantly faster. This means more time for strategic relationship-building and impactful policy influencing

Elliot Robinson, CEO of PolicyMogul, says:

‘Tailored summaries’ represents a huge leap forwards in political monitoring. We’re going beyond simply presenting updates as they came from the source: We’re intelligently summarising them based on what matters to each subscriber. It adapts to the unique needs and goals of different public affairs teams or their clients. Whether you’re a global corporation, a grassroots charity or a bustling university, the summaries show what matters to you and why, no matter the update.’

In seconds, tailored summaries can digest even lengthy or complex political developments and pull out just the pieces most relevant for you and your stakeholders. We trained our algorithms to mimic the way seasoned professionals determine what information is share-worthy for their organisation.

It empowers public affairs teams to share concise, relevant and bespoke summaries with stakeholders effectively and without delay. In public affairs, where timing and clarity are critical, this feature stands to have a massive impact on the way teams work.

The AI in action: Tailoring every update

To get started, simply click the ‘Summary’ box on any update. PolicyMogul will then use AI to generate a quick summary of it. To create summaries bespoke to your organisation, click ‘Tailor summaries’.

Then, input details about your organisation’s focus areas, key issues of interest, and the specific type of political intelligence that holds the most value for you. This step is crucial as it sets the foundation for how the AI will tailor your summaries. You’ll only need to do this once, but you can change your description at any time. This personalised approach ensures that the insights we deliver are tailored to meet your unique needs and interests.

Then, with information on your organisation, our AI comes into play. It is sophisticated enough to examine even long speeches and debates, identifying and condensing the most relevant information to you. For instance, for a charity focused on environmental issues, tailored summaries would not only highlight where updates relate to environmental legislation, but also craft them to pinpoint their impact on specific areas of interest and advocacy.

What it means for public affairs professionals

The results are game-changing. In testing, we’ve seen tailored summaries reduce time spent reviewing updates by 80%, and enable sharing key details 10x faster than before. Teams can stay laser-focused on priority relationships and campaigns instead of constantly playing catch up.

Why tailored summaries matter:

  • With tailored summaries, public affairs teams can do in minutes what previously took hours, with bespoke summaries tailored to their organisation
  • It cuts down the time spent reviewing political updates by as much as 80%, and slashes the time needed to review and share important updates

The tailored summaries feature gives public affairs professionals more freedom to choose how they use their time, rather than take away control. By automating the laborious task of sifting through endless streams of political data, tailored summaries gives teams time to spend on strategic thinking, relationship building, and impactful advocacy. This tool is about bolstering human expertise with state-of-the-art AI, giving public affairs teams a way to focus on high-value activities.

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